Financial Mortgage
An Innovative Way to Borrow
Mortgage Paid Off in Just 9 Years? Learn how to pay off a lot faster without paying extra!
9 out of 10 customers report using Financial Mortgage
to save money compared to a traditional mortgage.
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Tax Planning
Tax Blueprint®
UBOS and their tax team specializes in tax planning strategies that are widely used by major corporations and apply them to main street business owners and self-employed individuals.
Over 90% of our customers have experienced 25%-50% reduction in income tax.
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Smart Money,
Infinite Wealth
Tax Efficient Financial Planning
Infinite Wealth is our concept of truly becoming financially free and independent Click To Learn More
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College Planning Take the Stress Out of College Planning We provide the most comprehensive college and financial planning services for our clients. We offer different programs with customized plans that have helped thousands of families save time and money. a B Click To Learn More


Intro ONE GROUP We Lead Our Clients to Gain A Higher Financial Altitude And Make Wise Investments.
We Lead Our Partners To Be Unique And To Stand Out From The Competitors.
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financial mortgage


An Innovative Way to Borrow. Pays-off in half the time or less without changing the budget.


HUGE Tax Savings Strategies. Guaranteed savings and audit proof methods.
financial planning


Smart Money & Infinite Wealth. A real, protected, cash-flowing asset that you will not lose to taxes or the stock market.

College Financial Planning

Make Your Child’s Education More Affordable and Sensible. Customized plans that have helped thousands of families save time.


One is a company with a specific system in place. Within this system you find several cogs that turn and move the company forward. These cogs can be put into three categories:

Create Cash Flow

A cash flow crisis can be devastating both financially and emotionally. One Group aims to assist business owners in managing and regulating their cash flow.

Establish Asset Protection

Asset protection is a financial planning tool to defend assets from creditors. One group offers robust protection from lawsuits, creditors, or judgments for all kind of investments.

Apply Asset Accumulation

Asset accumulation is the process of saving and growing financial assets. The prudent financial strategies at One Group help in developing and safeguarding assets.

Each of three categories may have multiple subdivisions, which have coherent roles that together can bring about the desired result – ONE mission. We are marching to the beat of ONE mission drum. All are welcome to join our march.

We are the best in what we do

One Group is a professional platform consisting of prestigious experts with the unique abilities and proven knowhows. We provide the most suitable and holistic solutions to the clients through our professional alliances.


CPA Alliance

Tax Blueprint® Create Infinite Wealth with the Immediate Cash Flow

Insurance Broker Alliance

Tax Efficient Retirement Planning

Loan Broker Alliance

Top of the Line Technology and Service

Realtor Alliance

Top of the Line Technology and Service

Affiliate Partners

Business Incentive Consulting

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