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We offer different programs with customized plans that have helped thousands of families save time and money.

What is College Financial Planning?


Tuition costs have increased by 300% and equals $1.67 Trillion of U.S. total student loan debt in 2020.

Before your child was even born, you were planning. What will we name him? What color should we paint her room? What is the best childcare alternative?

But with all the demands and decisions that new parents face, one important aspect is often unintentionally overlooked in those early stages – college. However, with tuition rates rising, it should be at the top of every parent’s planning list … no matter what the child’s age.

Start Planning Today

Although it is best to start the college investment process when your child is young, it is never too late to begin. No matter your child’s age, what’s important is that you plan now. It is easy to put off thinking about these expenses, hoping that your child will receive scholarships or financial aid. But don’t count on them. While these awards do help with college funding, they are not guaranteed, not always comprehensive and not available to everyone.

college financial planning

The Most Common College Savings Plans

Our experts will guide you through the labyrinth of college financial planning in a simple, common sense-based way so that you can maximize the benefits of the plan(s) for your child(ren).

What are the steps?

5 Steps to Proper College Financial Planning

  1. Complete the free college financial planning application
  2. Email the application to [email protected]
  3. Provide relevant documentation
  4. Set up a free consultation appointment
  5. Implement your customized plan(s)

We make parents a HERO

In this age of many fictional superheroes, it is uncommon for a parent to be seen as one to his or her own children, the more so as they get older.  You may not possess superpowers such as flying through the air, shooting laser beams from your eyes or binding a villain with a lasso of truth.  But there is hope when it comes to college financial planning.  Ordinary people like you can help your child have a good education and finish his or her school without debt.  Though you may not be a superhero, but, with our help, you can get your expectations and financial means aligned so that you are prepared for your children’s higher education expenses down the road.  What you need to do now is to plan and ask experts for help!

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