What We Do

What We Do

ONE Group offers a Unique Selling Proposition to help professionals elevate their business to the next level.  Through ONE Platform, key industry leaders and service providers have come together to make available their expertise, services, and products to these professionals who in turn will use them to benefit their clients: business owners, high net worth individuals or everyday Americans.  We become the back-office partner of the professionals.  We make them the Hero to their clients.

We thread paradigm shifting concepts into practical and useful tools, which then can be accessed by the professionals in ONE Alliances. Equipped with the proper understanding of the concepts behind, they can be one step ahead of and one level above the rest.

Like the hub of the spokes, ONE Group forges and fortifies the relationship with the partner providers and leverages their expertise and strength for the maximum benefit of the professionals in alliance and their clients alike.

What We Provide

We will hold your hand and guide you step by step on how to talk and what to talk to your clients as well as how to leverage ONE Platform.

Training programs will include:

  • How Money Works
  • Tax Planning Basics
  • College Financial Planning
  • Financial Mortgage
  • Advanced Financial Planning
  • Ambassador Program

ONE Group will host seminars of different topics for you to invite your clients or other professionals.  These seminars are designed to educate and lead the attendees to take an action on what they learn on the topics.

You will have access to various marketing tools developed and designed for your target audience.

Some examples are:

  • Videos
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Letters

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