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One Professional Alliance

We understand firsthand the everyday challenges that an average professional like you faces. Business stagnation, markets drying up, industry isolation, expensive marketing expenses without an expected return on investment are challenges and frustrations that are top of mind for every industry professional. Consistent repetition of these factors takes an emotional toll and can leave you feeling like your spinning your wheels but getting nowhere, falling behind the competition, and even burnout.

One Group understands all of the professional challenges that business owners like you face and has created a unique platform.

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The Power Of Our One Group Alliance

One Group Alliance is a unique opportunity to connect your business to an innovative platform that will help you expand your services, provide additional value to your existing customers, as well as increase your revenues.

In all professional industries to stay competitive, you need to constantly be innovating your business to stand out. Increasing your book of business, annual revenues, and prospects is also a top priority.

We help you expand your services and save time, effort, and money by integrating a proven system, so you can set yourself apart in your industry without having to invest a lot of time or capital from your business.

This first it’s kind Membership Program provides tools to help you generate quality leads and open new markets. Our proven system will also help you to offer new valuable services to your clients, to stand out in your industry, will connect you to a strong professional network, increase your revenue, and become a “Goto” person for your clients.

One Group Alliance Benefits

One Professional Alliance Benefits

Benefits You Will Have With Our Professional Alliances:



Free Tax Assessment and Infinite Wealth Planning for your existing client


Value Added Services

Tax Planning / Mortgage / Infinite Wealth


Acquire New Clients

Clients can save HUGE amount of money through our services


You Become a Hero

Create strong client loyalty and higher retention ratio



Generate lucrative and passive income

How to Collaborate


Join ONE Professional Alliance Program

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Meet the support team and begin 60 Days of Trial.

  • Infinite Wealth
  • Tax Planning
  • Financial Mortgage
  • Tax Efficient Financial Planning
  • College Financial Planning

ONE group will collaborate with you as your back office and marketing team.

  • Seminars & Webinars
  • Marketing Fliers
  • Marketing Videos
  • Email Services
  • Group Training
  • Group Mentorship

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