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“How do you separate yourself and stand out from the rest of the competition?
We want to be the answer for you.”

What is Loan Broker Alliance?

Through ONE Platform and its full slate of features and benefits, you can have the edge that you have been wanting to have in your market.  With the newfound edge, you will be poised to offer truly value-added services to your clients.  This is designed with you in mind.  We are ready to give you the full backing of our support to help you get to the top of your business.

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Real Estate Agent & Loan / Mortgage Broker

How do you separate yourself and stand out from the crowd ?

Here is where you can find the answer. Through ONE Alliances, you can add value to your clients by having an access to financial mortgage as a powerful tool to improve their overall financial prospects. Imagine having a tool that can help your clients pay off their homes in 15 years or less instead of 30 years without any budget adjustments. Once your clients are referred, we will guide them through the process on your behalf. While you fully leverage our expertise in this field, we make sure you get the credit for the value provided to the clients.

Loan Broker Alliance Benefit



Free Tax Assessment and Infinite Wealth Planning for your existing client


Value Added Services

Tax Planning / Mortgage / Infinite Wealth


Acquire New Clients

Clients can save HUGE amount of money through our services


You Become a Hero

Create strong client loyalty and higher retention ratio



Generate lucrative and passive income

How to Collaborate


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  • Infinite Wealth
  • Tax Planning
  • Financial Mortgage
  • Tax Efficient Financial Planning
  • College Financial Planning

ONE group will collaborate with you as your back office and marketing team.

  • Seminars & Webinars
  • Marketing Fliers
  • Marketing Videos
  • Email Services
  • Group Training
  • Group Mentorship

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