Partners and Providers


United Business Owners Solutions (UBOS)

UBOS is a specialized tax team whose focus is on helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals save on and reduce their taxes through customized tax reduction strategies approved by the IRS.


From the most basic individual protection plans to the most complex retirement & business protection plans, Altus will provide complete solutions for all clients’ needs. Altus is a leading independent financial advisory firm.

United National Bankcard Services (UNBS)

Businesses that accept credit cards cannot do without a well-functioning merchant services system. UNBS uses the top rated processing system and customer satisfaction is their business.


Mortgage payments are either the largest or the second largest ticket item for any individual or family. Financial Mortgage will pay off the mortgage faster with the same amount of payment while reducing the overall paid interest amount. It offers more freedom, flexibility, and liquidity than conventional mortgage programs.

A1 & Spectrum

With the cost of higher education rising every year, it is critical for any family who aspires to send their child/children to college prepare for financial aid as early as possible. A team of college financial planning specialists will help families to be in the best possible position to receive as much financial aid possible with as little expected family contribution as possible.

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